Frequently Asked Questions



This is a structured, physio-based class delivered over 45 minutes and split into 3 clear parts: greeting, main set and cool-down/goodbye. Babies get used to this system very quickly, they feel safe and comfortable. These exercises will help strengthen the muscles of your baby’s arms, legs and torso through various activities on gymnastic mats, balls (small or large) and bars. The class is designed to develop fine motor skills and balance, with particular focus on flat feet prevention, sensory stimulation and concentration.

You will need a blanket or sheet to put over the ball and on the mat.

We recommend that your baby does not have a big feed at least half an hour before the class starts.

Lithuanian, but our coaches will do their best to translate if something is not clear.

This gymnastics programme is based on the recommendations of professional coaches and physiotherapists. The class is made of 3 clear parts: greeting, main set and cool-down/goodbye. Each month, the class is focused on developing a different area, e.g. March is dedicated to flexibility, April is for helping muscle strength, etc.

Children over 3 years old train without their parents present. However, if your little one is a bit shy, you are welcome to stay for the first session 🙂

45 mins (babies) and 50 mins (3 yrs and above).

You are welcome to join another group (even in another location) or stay for the second class in a row. Please note that if we are notified about sickness less than 2 hours prior the class, it will be considered as attended.

For babies, we recommend comfortable clothing, but not too warm: when they feel hot, the little ones no longer want to exercise. If attending taster sessions, children aged 3 and above should wear their sports clothes and no shoes. Please ensure they have a water bottle with them. If you decide to sign your child up, they will be expected to wear our branded clothing made and sold by us (EUR 50). But we also encourage you to buy our second-hand uniform (please contact the private parent group). Each year group is assigned their own colour.